Holly & Georgia

Award winning creative team.

Typography and illustration obsessed.

 Easily distracted by good food (Holly), and Fleetwood Mac (Georgia).


Currently looking for job / placement opportunities


I am a qualified dabbler in the art of illustration and try my hand at writing. I have been told that my sense of humour is dry as a biscuit, so always have a cup of tea on hand.


I adore the odd and unusual so can also be found trawling through antique stalls, or getting lost in the depths of YouTube. 

I own more Doc Martens and boiler suits than strictly  necessary, and have the music taste of a 17 year old indie boy.

Feminist, environmenetalist, hidden disability advocate.

BA Illustration   /   MA Creative Advertising



I am the ‘G’ in oh golly! In my day to day life I try my hand at surfing, illustration, and playing guitar, ideally, not all at the same time. 


Usually I can be found driving around the Cornish coastline (my driving has been compared to the Knightbus from Harry Potter, take that as you will). I have a slight obsession with ancient Greek mythology, and have a photographic memory when it comes to song lyrics.


My fashion sense can be described as polka dots, turtle necks, and converse boots. Think of that famous photo of Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson, but with large curly hair.

BA Fashion Marketing   /   MA Creative Advertising



D&AD New Blood 

Joan Evans Memorial Prize for Literature