it's a game of strategy 

here you will find a mix of good, bad, and just plain ugly ideas

Dyson - Toys for adults

Miracle Grow - church recommended 

Tofoo - play with your food 

HP paper x UNICEF - give a sheet 

IKEA - Swedish escape room 

British Museum - finders keepers 

Samurai Toothpicks - the original multitool 

Smirnoff Ice - grown up lemonade 

Wotsits - fluorescent adolescent 

Kefir Yoghurt - your bum’s best friend 

Ella’s Kitchen Smoothies - great taste doesn’t age 

Crockpot - the shit chef’s secret weapon 

Carlsberg x NHS Blood Donation - it’s just a bloody pint

TFL x overfishing (NHBS) - the end of the line


'Play with your food'


Pop up themed instillations of fruit machines, penny pushers, and grabbers which include products, recipes, and ideas.

E.g. Fruit machine that has different ingredients and for every pull you get a new recipe.


Pop up carnival event with blow up themed assault course, think total wipe out but with giant peppers and blocks of tofoo.


Pair this with limited edition games such as twister with different ingredients in place of the colours. 

Monzo x Big Issue

‘No cash? No problem.’ 


Issue each vendor with a contactless card machine. Have interactive billboards that allow people to donate via contactless through them. ‘Need change?’