• Holly

Do people still read blog posts?

Q: Does spilling your thoughts onto the internet equate to shouting into the void?

A: If yes, then consider me shouting happily into said void.

(Me, shouting into the void)

Who likes blog posts anyway, right?

I used to savour blog posts, and would actively look forward to updates. In the time of Tumblr, and everyone having a blog, I felt a real sense of online community. So, what happened?

I suppose Instagram happened, then Vine happened (and unfortunately, stopped happening), then of course, TikTok happened. Things change so rapidly, and fighting for a slice of time in the attention economy is much easier through the medium of 10 second videos, than a one minute read.

Getting all up close and personal

With all of that being said, why did we decide to start a blog on 'oh golly!'?

A blog post really demonstrates a part of your character that I feel is unachievable though photography alone. It allows us to be candid, and shows the dimensions to our personalities. It allows the reader to feel like the really are getting to know the author (which in this instance, is Holly, so, hi there!).

The future of this blog I will admit, is uncertain. It may turn into a podcast, because who doesn't want to hear our lovely voices? It may exist as instagram reels, or, it may remain as is. But one thing is for certain, we schedule our post deliveries for Fridays, and they are intended to be read over a cup of hot liquid of your choice (I personally enjoy an oat latte).

If anyone made it this far, I congratulate you! The first post is always the muddiest to wade through.


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